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Wise Maple, A Wonderland of Custom Stories for Children

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are immersed in a magical world of imagination and creativity. At this age, stories open a door to a new world and provide children with the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop various skills.

Wise Maple uses artificial intelligence to give children access to the best custom stories tailored to their interests.

Stories as vast as imagination

The Wise Maple system uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to create stories specifically designed for each child, considering their interests, age, and comprehension level.

These stories can include the child's favorite characters, magical places, and exciting adventures.

Images that bring stories to life

In addition to the story, engaging and relevant images also add depth to the children's storytelling experience. Wise Maple's artificial intelligence automatically generates images related to the story to further stimulate the child's imagination and help them better understand the story.

Human operators، A guarantee of quality

Despite the power of artificial intelligence, Wise Maple does not overlook the role of human operators in its system. Human operators ensure the quality and suitability of the content generated by artificial intelligence for the age and needs of children by reviewing and monitoring it.

Benefits of storytelling with Wise Maple

  • Custom stories: Each child experiences a unique story tailored to their interests.

  • Encourages creativity: Engaging stories and images nurture children's imagination and creativity.

  • Learning and growth: Stories provide a platform for teaching children various moral, social, and scientific concepts.

  • Entertainment: Storytelling with Wise Maple provides an engaging and entertaining experience for children.

How to use Wise Maple

Using Wise Maple is very easy. Just:

  1. Enter your child's age and interests into the system.

  2. Choose your favorite topic from a variety of topics.

  3. The Wise Maple system quickly creates a unique story tailored to your child's needs, along with relevant images

Wise Maple:

  • The ideal companion for children: Wise Maple helps children learn, grow, and develop their creativity by providing engaging and educational stories.

  • A world of unique stories: Wise Maple uses artificial intelligence to open a door to a limitless world of imaginative stories for children.

  • A fun experience for children and parents: Wise Maple provides a fun experience for children and parents by offering custom and engaging stories.

Differences between Wise Maple and competitors:

1. More personalized stories:

  • Wise Maple not only creates stories based on your child's interests and age, but also makes them more unique by using your child's name and picture.

  • Instead of a cartoon character, the main character of the story will be your child, who will be the one having adventures in the story world.

2. Images related to your child's photo:

  • Wise Maple uses artificial intelligence to generate images related to the story and your child's photo.

  • These images help your child identify with the story character and immerse

  • themselves more in the story world.

3. Use of human operators:

  • Wise Maple uses human operators to edit images to ensure quality and suitability for children's age and needs.

  • This assures you that your child will not see inappropriate content.

4. Educational and appropriate content:

  • A team of experts at Wise Maple oversees the content of stories and images to ensure they are age-appropriate and meet the needs of children.

  • Wise Maple's goal is to provide a fun and educational experience for children.

Here is a summary of the differences between Wise Maple and its competitors:


Wise Maple


Personalized stories

Yes, with your child's name and picture

Yes, with cartoon characters

Images related to your child's photo



Use of human operators



Educational and appropriate content


May not be

With Wise Maple, give your child a unique and educational storytelling experience!


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